Domino’s Will Utilize Self-Driving Cars In Houston To Deliver Pizza


Domino’s is resolute to make autonomous delivery of pizza an actual realism. The firm has revealed plans to deliver pizzas to “specific” Houston users later this year with the help of Nuro’s self-driving R2 car. If you have a bit of luck and order online from a participating shop, you will get the option of a robotic courier—pick that and you will get a code to open the R2 compartment and get your food. While this does not go well for human drivers used for delivery, Domino’s is gambling that this can assist stores cope with bring your pizza on time and the crush of orders.

This is not a surprising decision for Domino’s. It is fond of tech solutions for delivering and ordering pizza, both for a selling point as well as its own convenience. For Nuro, however, it is something new. The firm’s early driverless delivery programs have so far aimed on groceries. Now, it is poised to give food for a primary restaurant. You can see its cars roaming the roads far more frequently (where it is lawful) if the Domino’s collaboration proves successful.

On a related note, Domino’s earlier claimed that it is carrying on its quest to allow users order pizza via every machine possible. Earlier it joined hands with Xevo on an app that can order pizzas via infotainment system of your car, no tethered handsets needed. You can evade distractions by repeating your previous order or putting an Easy Order, and track progress of your food. There is also a choice to make an order by handset in case you just prefer human contact or have a complex request.

The tech is anticipated to come pre-loaded on a number of vehicles sometime later this year, even though Xevo and Domino’s did not name specific models or brands.

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