Google’s Operations In China To Come Under The US Government Scanner Soon


The recent past has witnessed Google and its China-based operations to be subjected to massive scrutiny. Peter Thiel, who is a billionaire investor, made accusations this week regarding the U.S. tech giant collaborating with the military of China. He also urged the government of the US to launch an investigation against Google. Responding to this claim, President Trump had assured that his administration would look into the workings of Google. On their part, Google has refuted all allegations of working with Chinese military.

However, this controversy has brought Google’s workings in China under the scanner. In fact, CNBC has closely inspected the business dealings of Google in China. Back in 2010, Google had officially completed its search-based product on Chinese lands. Subsequently, the tech giant is also effectively blocked and unusable in China. But, as per some reports from last year, the search engine company has been planning to kick off a censored model of its globally famous search engine in China.

This initiative was publicly acknowledged by the company and was declared to be in its initial stages. As for China, the country has a strict directive regarding censoring of all information provided by any internet service as deemed fit by the government. But this week saw Karan Bhatia, who is the VP for Google’s Public Policy and Government Affairs, confirm the scrapping of “Project Dragonfly”, which was the title for the company’s search engine initiative in China. As a result, currently Google is blocked on Chinese lands and is available for access only via VPN or Virtually Private Network. A VPN essentially helps in masking the internet location of a user.

A major accusation made by Thiel is that spied from China have infiltrated the AI or artificial intelligence projects of Google. Although Google has functional AI-based projects in and around China, he has not been able to provide any proof of the same, as of yet.

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