Google To Pay $13m In Street View Data Breach Class Action Case


Recently, Google has showcased willingness to make a payment around $13 million to settle a lawsuit where the company has collected personal information of people via its project called Street View. If the judge gives his consent on the agreement then suit of 2010 would get resolved. Many analysts believed that the present case might cost multibillion dollars to Google since plaintiff alleged that during the data collection procedure the company broke many wiretapping laws.

Street view program was launched in 2007 which allows a user to do interaction with panoramic pictures. Several people took legal action against Google when the news surfaced that the company’s Street View project had gathered private information of people viz. email as well as password in more than 25 countries.

One of the spokesperson of Google initially stated that the data collection by the company was a mistake. Contrary to this, investigators found that the Company had built software then it embedded it intentionally inside Street View automotives so that it can intercept user data.

During the year 2013, Google paid $7 million to settle similar type of case which was filed by more than 35 states. At that time the company stated that it would delete the data which was collected during Street viewing project and conduct a program to make citizens aware about how to protect data from snooping incidences. The latest agreement of Google focuses on similar aspects viz. data deletion and not to collect data from WIFI, without its consent.

While speaking to the media privately Marc Rotenberg stated that it is very unfortunate that Google has to face similar charges of data theft and has to take similar steps to make things right which the company had already done 6 years before. The present agreement basically includes relief for 22 plaintiffs in monetary form but not covering additional class participants. The rest of the money will then get distributed among 8 different organizations which deal in consumer protection as well as data privacy.

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