Kubos, Ruag Team Up For Building High Performance Computer Systems


At present Kubos and Ruag are working as a tag team to provide scalable as well as competitive computer systems so that they can fulfill satellite mega-constellations’ demands. Back on July 31, both the companies made unanimous statement in stating that the companies will develop ready-to-fly computers. For this endeavor, Kubo is providing its operating system named KubOS and hardware for satellite computation is provided by Ruag Space.

Companies stated that the joint endeavor will produce impeccable spacecraft computers which are reliable, affordable and can be produced at a scale to fulfill governmental as well as commercial satellite constellations. During a recent address to media Peter Guggenbach stated that customers expect quality products from Ruag Space at present the company is facing a challenge in which it has to produce similar system for mega-constellation project.  Peter also stated that for this the company has to have strategic partners in software sector.

The present agreement has given a chance to Kubo so that it can move up in the market. The company has joined hands with several nano-satellite developers, at present there are 500 Kubo users which according to the company is the largest open-source group in space industry. The company is further looking to leverage this advantage viz. users as well as software to focus on bigger customers and built larger satellites.

During a conference Marshall Culpepper stated that KubOS can be considered as space systems’ Android. He further stated that when it gets combined with various hardware platforms then end users can get great benefits. Marshall also said that the present agreement gives him a chance to use software of Ruag to build larger satellites which can be considered as computer industries’ broader trend for leveraging open-source software’s growth capabilities. Both the companies are planning to sign on MoU on August 5.

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