Google enhances the scope of its 2nd HQ in San Jose to 7.3mn sqft


A new proposal by Google’s San Jose HQ has suggested that they are planning to expand their campus further. A formal application has been submitted by the company to construct an 80acre campus, which will hold 7.6 million sq ft of office space which is lot higher than the previous plan of 6.8 million square feet. Google has also applied for making 5900 housing spaces in the compound as well.

The expansion in the range of the project will allow the city and the company to have a lot more flexibility as they are seeking a feedback from the authority after months which will be followed by an approval voting next year.

This proposal came up as Google requires more space to compensate for its growing number of employees which has already overcrowded the current headquarters and the offices surrounding it. The company is also under pressure from the local authorities as they fear that such a large scale expansion can further affect the city’s already crowded housing plans which are the most expensive in the country.

Google expects that they will be able to house 25,000 of their employeesin the new offices.This is now causing a lot of backlash from the local community who think that this can lead to displacement. Some people even held a protest outside the headquarters during the annual meeting for shareholders back in July even though Google has promised to invest $1 billion for housing in the bay area of the city.

Ever since the announcement of this expansion plan was made, Google has acquired $1 billion worth of real estate in Sunnyvale and more than $400 million in San Jose. All this is just an addition to their Mountain View and San Francisco real estate situated in the neighborhood. Google has also stated that their expansion will be full of greenery, roads, hotels and parks so that people in the city can enjoy the green surroundings.

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