Qantas completes the test of longest non-stop passenger flight


Qantas, the Australian carrier has completed a test for the longest commercial passenger flight non-stop as part of a research on how this kind of a journey may affect the crew, pilots and their passengers.

The Boeing 787-9 took 19 hours and 16 minutes with 49 people on board to fly 16,200 km route from New York to Sydney.

Next month the company is planning to test a flight non-stop from London to Sydney.

Qantas is expecting to decide on whether they want to start the routes by the end of this year in 2019.

If the company goes ahead with these, the services are going to start operations in the year 2022 or 2023.

As of now none of the commercial aircrafts have the range to fly an ultra-long haul route with a complete load of cargo and passengers.

In order to give this plane enough fuel range and avoid refueling, this flight by Qantas took off with the maximum amount of fuel, less baggage and no cargo.

Passengers had set their watches to the time in Sydney after they boarded and had been kept awake until the night fell in the east of Australia in order to reduce jetlag.

After six hours, they had been served a meal with high amount of carbohydrates and the lights had been dimmed to encourage sleep for them.

The tests on-board had included the monitoring of brain waves of pilot, levels of melatonin and alertness as well as passenger exercise classes and an analysis of the impact of the many time zones they crossed on bodies of people.

The CEO of the group called this a significant first for the sector of aviation with people travelling from one part of the globe to the other.

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