New Govt. Study reveals parents not paying heed to safe baby sleep advice


As per a recent government study, majority of US parents do not follow safe baby sleep recommendations. It says that making the babies to sleep on their backs reduces sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Also, it is advised to use “approved” sleeping surfaces like crib or bassinet for babies and blankets, pillows or toys should be kept away from a sleeping baby to avoid accidental suffocation.

Ashley Hirai, lead researcher of The U.S. Health Resources and Services Administrationsaid that the main reason for not heading to this advice is the lack of awareness even from their doctors.

The efforts by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Federal government’s “Back to Sleep” campaign reduced SIDS occurrence by 1998. But, this decline eventually faded.

As per the US Disease Control and Prevention center sudden infant deaths have been increasing over the years to about 3500 deaths per year.So, additionally, the usage of approved safe sleep surfaces and spaces free of soft toys or loose beddings are recommended.

A CDC survey among US mothers shows that many moms put their baby’s on their backs while sleeping and fewer share their room with the babies but not bed. Also, the majority of the mothers, around 93%, mentioned that their doctors recommend proper safe sleeping practices.

Dr. Rachel Moon, general pediatrics head at the University of Virginia explained that new-age parents are influenced by social practices and various information they get beyond doctor’s advice.

She highlighted the critical influence of the Marketing of soft beddings, fancy nurseries, and advertisements on the parents.

 Since 1990, there has been a remarkable increase in the Bed-sharing concept and ideas of being a bad parent if you don’t co-sleep. Some people believe breastfeeding would be tough when you don’t bed-share.

One other finding of the study is the racial and ethnic influence on these recommendations. But Hirai said that the economic factors and unavailability of space may also be the reason for this disparity.Moon emphasized on the need for multiple levels of awareness to educate not only new parents but also everyone about the safe baby sleep.

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