Dropbox announces the rolling out of the Dropbox Transfer file sharing


Dropbox has recently made an announcement that it is rolling the Dropbox Transfer out. This is a new way for the easy sharing of files without even sharing the access to the personal copies of the users. When a user compiles their files for a transfer, they will get a link for a landing page which can be shared and the people who receive it can then directly download the page which has been shared or even share it to their accounts on Dropbox. It is like a usual file-sharing service such as WeTransfer however it is nicely integrated within Dropbox.

Through this Transfer, a user can send 100MB or less data of files with a free account on Dropbox which is something that can be handy if a small amount of files need to be emailed and are larger than the attachment limit of 25MB of Gmail. The transfers are not going to exist forever and the user can choose to have the expiry of them after three to seven days.

If the user is a subscriber of Dropbox Professional, they are going to get some more features like they will be able to transfer till 100GB and protect their transfers with a password. They can even customize the background and also choose the date of expiration.

Dropbox has said that the user is going to be able to make this transfer page through dropbox.com/transfer, the iOS app, the desktop app.

The experts consider the tool very easy to use as a file can just be picked and the expiration date be selected after which the link is generated and can be shared with others.

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