Dropbox Includes Extensions For WhatsApp, Gmail, Vimeo, And More


Dropbox launched Extensions in 2018 to assist mitigate the fuss of toggling between apps. The new feature allows consumers take action squarely on files saved inside Dropbox. Now, the firm has declared that it is doubling the quantity of Extensions with 13 updated and new partner apps.

Now, you will be capable of adding files to messages in Workplace by Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Line Works, and WhatsApp. You can also employ Vimeo to distribute videos and capture feedback, use WeVideo and Clipchamp to create, edit, and publish videos, and bring media data into Canva prior to saving finished jobs back into Dropbox.

Other new associates comprise DocSend (tracking document workflow), FreshBooks (managing expenses), and Notarize (notarizing and signing documents). These Extensions are accessible from this week, and Dropbox claims it is planning on including even more associates apps in 2020, as well as support for extra languages.

On a related note, sharing files via Dropbox is not a new idea. For quite some time, the firm has made it pretty simple to share any folder or file saved in your Dropbox with different users, irrespective of whether or not they have their own account. A new function dubbed as Dropbox Transfer plans to eliminates the last bits of friction from that procedure by aiming particularly on transferring data, not essentially working on them.

Currently, when you share a folder or file with someone from your Dropbox, any alterations made on it sync. So if you replace the contents or erase the folder, the person you sent it to will not be capable of accessing it anymore. On the other hand, Transfer sends a copy of the folder or file so that you can share it with different users and they can download it irrespective of whether they employ Dropbox or not.

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