Stricter Safety Policy By Lyft Can Make It Difficult To Bar Bad Drivers


Lyft has imposed a new bunch of security rules and protocols that former and current workers worry will let dangerous drivers to return to the service, as per media. In June, Lyft made a new SPCC (Safety Policy and Community Compliance) team that presently makes any concluding decisions associated to the elimination of a driver from the service employing a “decision matrix.” Simultaneously, the firm effectively downgraded its Trust and Safety group, which was earlier accountable for barring drivers.

Below the new system, Lyft also needs its Trust and Safety group to implement a strict bunch of rules that is showed on their PC as they operate via a case (the firm also made the role an hourly job rather than a salaried one). Below the previous system of Lyft, team members of Trust and Safety had leeway to implement their own judgment.

They can, for instance, preemptively bar a driver if they witnessed a pattern of unsecure behavior. The new rules, which are less open to understanding, make the potential for drivers to remain until they are comprised in a more serious event. In addition to this, drivers who were earlier banned on Lyft can appeal a decision made below the earlier system.

On a related note, in 2018, Lyft made an effort to get consumers to pay monthly $299 for its All-Access Plan. That comprised 30 monthly trips “free” (as long as they were below $15), but users were, reasonably, surprised by the price label. Now, Lyft is trialing a new method. Its Lyft Pink plan provides a 15% discount on all rides, and it is just monthly $19.99, less than 10% of the All-Access monthly fee.

Lyft Pink has a few other advantages, such as 3 “free” 30-minute scooter or bike rides each month, priority airport pickup, 3 free trip cancelations, and waived lost-and-found charges.

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