Yet another data breach by 100 third party apps confirms FB


On Tuesday, one of the spokesperson of Facebook stated that several third-party applications might have an access to user data. The company stated that, near about 100 application development companies may have accessed data of users including names as well as profile pictures with the help of programming interface.

After Cambridge Analytica which took place during 2018, Facebook had made several changes on the software which restricts applications to collect information from the Facebook users. Contrary to that, many application developers kept access to the information of group members which includes names and photographs of users.

It is unclear till today how the incident might have affected Facebook members. Moreover, Facebook did not reveal about any numerical estimation. As per the news, 11 software companies were involved in accessing information during the last 2 months. The Facebook was questioned whether the application developing companies who were involved were liable for punitive charges. To this, one of the spokesperson of the company stated that developers didn’t do anything wrong.On the contrary, the liability is on Facebook since it has allowed them to access information for a long time period.

The present disclosure made by Facebook with regard to a settlement of $5 billion which the company had made with Federal Trade Commission. During the month of September, Facebook stated that it will suspend near about thousand applications after the internal review.

Through one of the blog posts Facebook conveyed that an agreement with FTC means the companymaintain proper transparency and accountability in its working policies. The blog further reads that during the process the company will find several examples with the help of which it can improve data access process. The company is also trying to improve upon the policies under which it is selling its products to the users.

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