Disney+ Will Roll Out With Documentaries And Musicals Galore


When the new streaming service by Disney rolls out this month, it will not just be unlocking the vault doors to its huge archives from Marvel, Walt Disney Studios, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and National Geographic. Disney+ will also come with over 25 original series and 10 original, new films.

Enthusiasts of High School Musical will have a ton to sing next to Encore!, in which Kristen Bell (the host) tasks ex-musical cast members with remaking their high school piece, and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, in which students going to the school (where the initial film was shot) eagerly await their real-life own high school musical.

For the children, Disney+ will roll out Forky Asks a Question. This 10-part show of 3-minute length revolves around Forky, the semi-sentient misshapen spork from Toy Story 4, as he thinks about deepest questions in life such as, “what is a friend?” and “what is money?” But he is not alone in his musings, other characters from toy chest of Andy, comprising Hamm, are around to assist Forky come to the answers he so needs desperately.Forky himself is only as pleasantly demented as you recall from the film. So, if your ankle biters are enthusiasts of the movie, this show will offer them with entertainment.

On a related note, “Starting in March, Hulu will turn out to be the official streaming destination of FX Networks,” Bob Iger, Disney CEO, claimed to the media on the firm’s Q4 earnings call this week. The streaming service and cable network both already work below Disney’s corporate shelter and are about to get a whole lot nearer.

“FX is a creator of high quality content and will turn out to be a major content driver for Hulu,” Iger claimed. “The FX and Hulu teams have been working together to design an exciting plans to bring the complete breadth of FX’s production and content capabilities to Hulu users.”

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