“Secret Sister” Gift Exchange Game Traps Innocent Players


The “Secret Sister” is a gift exchange game that has resurfaced again on social media. By providing many gifts for a single gift, people are duped, says the Better Business Bureau.

The dangerous pyramid scheme gained much interest in previous years on social media. Players were promised around 36 gifts in exchange for one gift. This game was played between online friends who had not met. The innocent game that promises a lot of fun lures people through the social media to part with sensitive personal information after which they were duped

Prominent social media sites where this game gained popularity was on the Reddit and Facebook for many years. This game has surfaced again currently, and players are warned about the consequences of participating in the game, by the Better Business Bureau.

The game begins very innocently where players are asked to part with their name and address and a few personal sensitive information. The player is asked to buy a $10 gift which is then given to an unknown person. Information about close friends is also asked for, through the game.

The BBB warns players of the false game, claiming that people will not get any promised gifts. It not only disappoints, but players are deprived of their valuable personal information. Important details such as email, mailing address, and other personal data are shared when playing the game. This leads to scams and identity theft, warns BBC.

People are asked to stay from this scheming game, especially on social media. False claims should not be believed and personal information should not be shared with strangers, warn officials.

The U.S. Postal Service calls this gift exchange game similar to gambling, with penalties like jail time and fine, as it is said to be mail fraud.

The game is advertised as Secret Santa and played as an online game, with unknown friends on social media sites.

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