Juul Faces Lawsuit for “Luring Young Children into the Juul Web”


California stands up against Juul once again. In a lawsuit against Juul, officials from California protest against the marketing practices of Juul.

The state has been protesting against Juul and its marketing strategy through social media. The advertisements are made to capture the interests of the young audience. Its fruity flavors are launched to influence the youth and school going kids into its market, they say.

Juul Labs Inc has failed to keep its tobacco products away from children who are below the company’s own age verification.

California minors have received direct marketing advertisements about Juul tobacco products via email. The lawsuit claims that young people who have not passed Juul age verification were getting advertisement material, and the company has not taken steps to correct this issue.

Further, important health information about the e-cigarettes has not been provided to minors, though they have received direct marketing through emails.

Austin Finan, the spokesman for Juul says that the company has set its focus on earning the trust of the society and will cooperate with regulators, attorney generals, public health officials, and stakeholders.

Finan, states that the company has stopped all digital and print advertising in the United States. All efforts to bring down underage usage are brought in. Efforts are taken to induce adult smokers away from traditional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes have been blamed for causing lung disease and cancer in many of the young vapers, causing death and severe illness. This has brought pressure against the company. In turn, the company has banned fruity flavors and cool mint flavor from store shelves which are considered to be teenage favorites, in an effort to prevent teenagers from vaping. The company has also stopped marketing its product in the United States.

Attorney General Becerra says that Juul has used advertisements to lure young children into its web, without consideration of the public health and their age.

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