Europe Ripe for Startups as London-based Investors Increase


With multi-national investments blooming, startups are finding it easy to flourish.

U.S. firms are now interested in investing in European technology. European start-ups are receiving American investment.

According to reports from Atomica investment firm, a record amount of $34.3 billion is expected to come in to support European startups this year.

Sequoia partner Michael Moritz, who once stated that Europe has become a museum, is now attracted by Europe. Venture capital has poured in $34.3 billion as investment into European startups. The search for a space in Europe is on the increase from U.S. investors.

About two decades earlier, California’s Accel, Palo Alto brought their office to London. French citizen Botteri brought his Bessemer Venture Partners to London in 2011.

In 2017, Blossom Capital was brought to Europe by its founder Orphelia Brown. She expected much to come from Europe than by investing in the U.S. or China.

The economic slowdown brought a brief halt to the movement from the U.S. to European countries. But now business magnets are finding new interest here. The political climate in Europe and the U.S. are the same. It is best to choose locations where there is more value, say investors.

As competition is intense in the U.S. many big names like Spotify and Adyen prefer Europe, where they get more exposure and less competition.

Brexit was causing a lot of uncertainties, especially in 2016, when the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. The process continues to deter fresh investment into the country, as tech companies face challenges in the European Union.

Not much was expected of Europe, as there was little space for travel and e-commerce. But investors are flocking anew into this zone.

Ping Li, Accel partner has now moved into London from Silicon Valley with his family. Other big names Mammon Hamid along with Ilya Fushman, Kleiner Perkins investors are found to be in Europe.

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