PG&E Cancels Wednesday’s Outage Causing Further Inconvenience


Children in California are affected by the PG&E shutdown announcements.

PG&E had warned customers that there would be a public safety power shutdown on Wednesday at the Sierra foothills.

Some schools canceled classes due to the power shutdown on Tuesday. But PG&E canceled the power outage, stating that improved weather conditions did not require the safety power shutdown.

However, schools and parents reacted against the poor judgment of the company. Students and families should be provided reliable information, they say.

Parents have to make adequate arrangements in case of holidays, but the company had canceled the power shutoff. Taking care of children meant they had to be on leave from work, put children in childcare or make other alternatives. But the outage never happened, as weather conditions had improved.

The district has seen many school days canceled due to the power shutoffs. More days have been canceled by the shutoffs than the last 20 years put together, say residents.

In just one week between October 23 and Nov 1, schools have been closed for many days on account of public safety power shutoffs. About 60,000 students have been affected by the school shutoffs across California, which has disrupted their education.

It was expected that about 150,000 customers would be affected across 18 counties in Northern California. But as weather conditions improved, only 48,000 customers were affected by the power shut off.

Children are missing school days due to the power shutoffs. Parents fear that school days may get extended due to the unforeseen holidays. The large outage that began from Oct 26 continues to cause inconvenience to customers.

Brandi Merlo, the spokesperson for PG&E says that it is the job of the utility to keep customers from wildfires. However, it is understandable that it causes a lot of inconvenience to customers, she says. The utility will continue to monitor weather conditions to see if further shutoffs are required.

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