Sleep Timer By Spotify Is Launching To The iPhone


Beginning this week, iOS consumers can fall asleep to their playlists in Spotify without having their rest bothered later. Spotify Sleep Timer—which has been accessible since May on the Android edition of the app—allows you choose a countdown timer between an hour and five minutes. After the time has gone, the audio turns off so that the playlist is not on all night.

After choosing an ambient sound or your music, click the 3 dots in the right corner on the upper side of the screen and select the timer length after scrolling down to “Sleep Timer.” If you do not have any go-to playlists for your sleep, the Sleep Hub by Spotify has abundance of recommendations to assist you pass out and clear your mind. Spotify claims that Sleep Timer will launch out all over the world this week.

On a related note, Spotify earlier announced that it will host its personal awards show, dubbed as the Spotify Awards, that will offer “an actual reflection of what fans are hearing,” the firm claimed. The occasion will be broadcast live from Mexico City on Turner Latin America, which Spotify defined as the world’s streaming capital, before even London, New York City, and Paris.

Spotify claimed that the awards might be decided firmly by user-created data, irrespective of genre. “Your patterns, plays, and habits will assist decide the award finalists, categories, and winners,” it claimed. “You can get eager for an awards event that really speaks to what the users are streaming.”

Spotify launched a promotion clip in Spanish only, and the awards seem to be aimed only on the Latin America sector, but it did not launch any other info. They will be “transmitted live on TNT for all of Spanish using Latin America,” Spotify claimed.

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