Starbucks fires an employee for offensive language against cop


An employee has been fired by Starbucks for writing the word “Pig” on the order of a police officer from Oklahoma.

A police officer who was on-duty from the police department of Kiefer, Oklahoma had gone to the local outlet of Starbucks on the morning of Starbucks for getting beverages meant for those dispatchers who had also been working on the day of this holiday. When the order was received by the policeman, among the labels was a label which had a message that was derogatory in terms of the language of law enforcement as per the post which officer Johnny O’Mara had written on his Facebook.

O’Mara had taken it to the social media after he reportedly called the location of Starbucks where he didn’t get a response which according to him was satisfactory. The post had been removed later by the page of the chief on Saturday.

An apology has been issued by Starbucks for the incident which they called regrettable and had fired the person who had done this allegedly as per a statement by the Police Department of Kiefer and a spokesperson of Starbucks.

In the immediate future, Starbucks is going to have a meeting with the police for discussion of ways in which they could work together which would include an event where the civilians are going to be allowed to meet and have a coffee with a cop. In this event, there are going to be civilians who will be discussing the critical role which is being played by cops in the society. The statement emphasized the respect which the brand had for the cops who worked for the safety of the communities.

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