Report at WEF finds that social differences still exist


For many years, the economic and political policies had been built on the promises of giving help to people and making them do better than what their previous generation had. However even as of the year 2020, the opportunities which are being given have been dictated largely by the circumstances of socio-economics which a person is born into.

This is the finding of the latest report coming out of the World Economic Forum which is saying that most of the countries have not been able to stamp the inequalities out and this is preventing the people from realizing their maximum potential

In the maiden index of Global Social Mobility which had been released this Monday, the WEF had found that only a few of the governments specifically the ones in the Scandinavian countries had been able to succeed in laying the foundations for greater mobility socially and a future which is more prosperous for the citizens.

Social Mobility herein is referring to the ability that a family, household or individual has to move between the existing strata of socio-economics which exist in a particular society.

The framework socially has been used for long as a measure of the progress of the society in terms of socio-economics in comparison to the outcomes of the person’s earnings in comparison to that of their parents. The new report of WEF is looking instead at the inputs like the practices, polices and the institutions which are existing in a particular society.

This particular report has come out of the World Economic Forum’s 50th anniversary event which is being held at the city of Davos in Switzerland.

The Scandinavian countries are also the happiest in the world.

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