1,300 deaths due to flu this season says CDC report


Almost 1,300 people have succumbed to flu in this season as per an estimate which had been released this Friday by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There are reports which say that a minimum of 2.6 million cases of flu illness and further 23,000 hospitalizations related to flu have taken place in this season.

In this season there have been reports by the CDC of 10 children who have died due to the flu which is four more than the previous week.

The experts have sent out a warning that the flu is going to hit the United States earlier than the last few seasons in this season and it could mean that the season overall may turn out to be exceptionally severe.

The spread of flu is significantly continuing except for Alaska till the week which ended on 7th of December. Both east and west of United States have been hit extremely hard by the activities of flu which have been spread in 23 states.

The activity of flu has been caused particularly by the virus known as the Influenza B virus and this is very unusual for this time of the year as per CDC because the B strains are known to hit the children very hard. The increase in the proportions of Influenza A virus is happening proportionately to the other viruses in a few regions as per CDC.

The people who have been infected with flu usually experience chills, coughing, fever, runny nose and sore throat in addition to fatigue and headaches. Usually people become ill and recover within weeks from the disease. Children and elderly people are usually at a higher level of risk when it comes to flu.

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