Boeing CEO expects 737 MAX to begin production in 2 months


The new CEO of Boeing Dave Calhoun has spoken to the media on this Wednesday when he for the first time took public questions since he assumed his new role. In a move that was unusual since Boeing will be reporting their earnings for the fourth quarter in close to one week. He has done this probably because he felt that the market was looking forward to hearing from him. Boeing has been a victim of reports which have questioned their choice of design for the 737 MAX which has been grounded and the delays in production after the former CEO had been let go in the month of December.

He most importantly addressed the major issue which is whether their product 737 MAX will ever fly again or not to which he said that it will and it was a response that was definitive as he said that there was a lot of confidence that the company as well as the administration had in the aircraft who also multiple times reiterated that he is confident of the aircraft being viable and safe. However as is the case with a lot of the drama around the MAX, there are many more questions which have not been answered yet.

The announcement on Tuesday that the aircraft which has not been operational since the month of March in 2019 is not going to be back until the latter part of 2020 has catalyzed the happening of this event.

He said that the production of this model is going to start again in some months and this is faster than what was being expected by the investors, further the production is going to ramp the suppliers of Boeing up.

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