Vine successor Byte is available now on iOS and Android


Vine the platform for short video uploading has been replaced by its successor called Byte. The app is now available for download on the iOS and Playstore for the users.

Don Hoffman who was the creator of Vine had been creating the new app for years. The development of the app had been completed in beta form but it was launched for the general public on Friday afternoon.

Hoffman quit Vine after the company was acquired by Twitter. Since then he had been working on developing the app and keeping the public updated on the app’s online active public forum.

In May 2018 he renamed the name of his new project from V2 to Byte and had initially postponed the work on the successor of Vine. The name of the company might get rather confusing with the Chinese based company Bytedance which owns the online video platform TikTok.

Now after the launch of Byte the main competitor of the newly formed company will be Bytedance. TikTok has now become quite popular among the public for short online video upload. Instagram and Snapchat initially took to the competition but later the public interest turned on more towards the Chinese based app as the former ones became more ad-friendly.

Hoffman came up with the idea to design the video uploading platform app back in 2015. It allowed the users to upload videos and customize them with soundtracks and GIFs. It was short lived but after resigning from Vine he continued with the development of Byte.

Although he missed his own deadline to develop and launch the app by 2019 now the users of Vine are expected to turn to Byte because Twitter had to shutdown the company after just four years of acquiring it. It now remains to be seen whether Hoffman’s newly formed app Byte can give competition to TikTok.

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