Tesla Asked To Rebrand Its Autopilot Feature


Senator Edward Markey, Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee’s member, reviewed Tesla’s Autopilot feature and provided two suggestions to help improve the safety for drivers while using the feature. He admitted that the Autopilot feature is “flawed” but showed optimism stating that he thinks the problem associated with it can be overcome. Sen. Markey appreciated Tesla for its advancements in the automobile sector but stated that they were not acceptable at the cost of people’s safety.

The first suggestion asks Tesla to rebrand the Autopilot feature which helps to make it clear that the driver still holds the control of the car even when the Autopilot is turned on. The second suggestion asks Tesla to create a few more safeguards that prevent drivers from bypassing the system while using Autopilot. Sen. Markey had earlier criticised the Autopilot feature and had asked the National Highway Traffic Safety Association about its plans to counter Tesla drivers who don’t abide by law and abuse the Autopilot feature. Tesla’s website clearly states that the driver has to control the vehicle when the Autopilot feature is turned on. Autopilot feature allows drivers to let the vehicle steer, use brakes, and accelerate on its own.

Talking about Tesla, the company has been growing at a rapid pace and has managed to draw comparison with one of automobile industry’s long-time leaders, Volkswagen. Tesla’s market value recently breached the USD 100 billion mark and overtook that of Volkswagen, but according to the Wall Street Journal, Volkswagen continues to remain a bigger brand than Tesla basis the enterprise value. Volkswagen, on the other hand, have healthily accepted the new competition with their CEO, Herbert Diess, stating that the company is confident of taking over Tesla in e-car industry and are buying leading software companies to help themselves achieve their goal.

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