Krugman critical of right-wing policies and their failure to reach people


The divide between the left and right in the United States has been seen as being only cultural and that is a major detriment to the civil discourse. This has been seen as if the politics of a person has been determined only by their aesthetics. This as per observers is a harmful understanding as it is masking the major real social effects of the agendas of policy which has been pitched only in the context of left or right and their confrontation. The vision of politics as an aesthetic is something which transforms the debate which may have otherwise been quantitative as there are less discussions about public policy, taxation and statistics and this rhetorical debate devolves the core values.

It is something that is particularly bad for the liberals as there are evidences which emerge showing that the idea of economics which the right’s agenda follows in terms of provision of the real gains to a great majority of the population has been an absolute failure. The experts feel that that the economic policies which are hawked by the conservatives have been a huge failure by all means in all of the ears.

Nobel Prize winner, Krugman feels that the idea of lowering the tax rates on the rich and keeping the health care as a privatized system has been celebrated by the conservatives specially and it is something that should not have happened. In his books he talks about the right wing and neoliberal talking point of economics as zombies which should have ended a long time ago.

Repeatedly he has been critical about the right-wing policies which he feels have not done enough for the world

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