Death Toll of Coronavirus goes to 361 people


A minimum of 361 people have fallen victim to the coronavirus which had for the first time appeared in Wuhan which is a city in China in the month of December in the year 2019. Over 17,200 cases are confirmed to have been identified in China as the experts are saying that there may be a major increase in this number in the weeks to come.

Though, there is a huge majority of these cases to have been found in China, the coronavirus which has the potential of causing pneumonia is becoming a big cause for worry to the health authorities in the world. Close to 150 cases have been confirmed to have been identified in as many as 23 countries and for the first time a death had taken place in Philippines. A majority of those who had been affected by this virus had made their journey from Wuhan which is the epicenter of this outbreak. This is just the fifth time that a public health emergency has been declared for international concern by the WHO.

This sort of a situation is usually declared by the WHO when there is an extraordinary event that creates a risk of public health to the other states by the spread of disease internationally and potentially needs a response in a coordinated manner internationally.

This means that the situation is one that is serious, unexpected or unusual and had been carrying the implications for the public health at large beyond the affected national border of the state and might require the immediate action internationally.

This has been announced recently on this Monday by the Executive Board by the WHO.

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