Health Department says 3 people have come back as negative for Coronavirus


On Thursday, the health department has said that the tests have come back to be negative for a third patient in New York who had been tested for the deadly coronavirus. It had earlier in the week, been announced that the two patients already had returned negative.

The officials on Wednesday had announced that there were over two people who had been tested for the coronavirus in the New York City and that has brought the figure of people whose samples have been sent to the CDC to a level of five.

Two patients additionally had been recently in the country of China and presented in terms of cough and fever or the shortness of their breath without any other of the common causes like the influenza or any of the respiratory viruses which are being identified through the testing.

These individuals had both been under the age of 40, and there is one has been hospitalized as the other has not shown any symptoms which are severe enough for requiring hospitalization.

A guidance of CDC, these individuals are remaining under the isolation and exercising precautions and the daily monitoring by the department of health.

Testing for the determining of whether these are a confirmed case of the coronavirus has been taking a minimum of 36-48 hours and is depending on the testing capacity of coronavirus by CDC.

The New York City has been on a high alert and has been preparing to handle any of the cases of coronavirus as per the Mayor. He said to the citizens of New York had remained same. If there is a history of travel and there are symptoms if there are any to see a health provider.

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