Michael Bloomberg sees a rise in popularity in betting


The Americans as of now have not been placing their bets on Michael Bloomberg who is a major candidate in the race for presidency in the elections this year however the betting market is feeling that he does have a chance after all.

The man who is the former mayor of the New York City has been able to leapfrog Joe Biden, who is the Vice President in terms of the average of the betting markets. There are statistics which show that the chance of Bloomberg winning the election is 19%. There are other sites online which are giving him a chance of winning the election and the bets which are being placed on him are now higher than the ones which are being placed on Bernie Sanders.

The rise in the popularity of Bloomberg and the improvement in his chances has coincided with the fall in the chances of Biden and this is stemming from Biden’s dismal performance recently in Iowa. There are chances that even Buttgieg is going to have a better chance and he came very close to surpassing Biden on the list of the polls.

President Trump is still the frontrunner and there is a close to 60% chance that he is going to be able to repeat the heroics of the last election but the chances of Bloomberg have definitely been improving and there is a chance that the tables might turn.

Biden’s drop is also very good news for Bernie Sanders whose popularity has also seen a major increase and it is likely that he is going to just be after Bloomberg in the race to be the President in this years election

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