Drummond leaves after sexual misconduct allegations


The chief legal officer of Alphabet, David Drummond who is among the longest of the serving employees in Google is going to leave the company when the month ends. A spokesperson from Alphabet had confirmed that the executive is going to depart from the company. The spokesperson has said that Drummond is not going to leave any other package on his exit.

Drummond has been finding himself at the very forefront of many high-profile controversies which involved sexual misconduct which have been related to the employees of the company and most notable one of them was the extramarital affair he had with the lawyer of Google, Jennifer Blakely who was reporting at that time to Drummond. The two even had a child together and that had led Blakely to the voluntary switching of the departments as the human resource department of Google had thought of this as a violation of the policies of the company. It has also been reported that he was involved with a lot of other employees. Blakely has also revealed that he had gotten married to an employee in Google who was in the legal department.

Recently, Drummond had released one of the many executives who were in the middle of an investigation carried out internally regarding the handling of sexual misconduct and harassment including the exit package of $90 million which had been given to the co-founder of android Andy Rubin.

The leadership of Google which included Drummond had made sure that they covered this up and this had led to the walkout protest in the tear 2018 where there were 20,000 employees in the world of Google who had walked out.

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