Amazon Echo Beats Google And Apple Smart Speakers


Amazon continues to dominate the smart speaker market as a new report suggests that over70 per cent of the smart speaker users own an Amazon Echo device. Google and Apple, despite their big name and reputation, are nowhere near Amazon in the market, and if the reports are to be believed, they probably won’t even get any closer by 2021 at least. From having 72.9 percent users in 2019 to an expected 70 percent users by the end of 2020, Amazon Echo did witnessed a slight drop in its dominance. The number is further expected to fall to around 68 per cent by the end 2021.

The numbers were projected by an eMarketer report that detailed out the failure to meet expectations on part of Google and Apple. Victoria Petrock, principal analyst for eMarketer, stated that they were expecting both Google and Apple to make more substantial inroads into the market. The two main reasons quoted by the report behind Amazon’s continuous dominance were the company’s practice of providing new features every now and then and also opening them to outside developers. Google, Amazon, and Apple, all of them provide smart speakers that are compatible with third-party smart home devices, but Amazon still hold the upper hand.

Talking about Amazon, the company has apparently turned focus towards its entertainment section as it announced that the current television entertainment chairman for Sony, Mike Hopkins will take over operations for Amazon Studio and Amazon Prime Video, after completing his term at Sony. Hopkins is an established name in the industry and has also headed Hulu for four years during which the streaming service made some major strides forward. Amazon will be under pressure to keep up with the newcomers in the streaming industry as the arrival of Disney+ has stirred things up.

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