Experts call for people to move on after the Brexit event


There are not many people in Britain who are remaining or leaving as per observers. There is not point of having an opinion on leaving or remaining something that has already happened and the metaphoric ship has sailed already. The new divide now is going to be about whether Britain may ever rejoin the EU or stay out as it is staying out now.

This observation is now something that has a lot of truths attached to it, the most obvious of them being that the even to Brexit has already taken place and is no longer a proposition which is a point of deliberation and debate and is a truth that has now completely come into effect with Britain leaving EU and leading a process which is making it happened. This has made people think about a realization which is very real and that about whether the economy is really growing to grow as per the perception of a lot of people who had been backing Brexit and whether their commitments are really going to turn into a reality.

Many experts including Tony Blair have been predicting that it is now time to be moving on. While it is a perfectly reasonable proposition to reject the transformation but a change in outlook albeit subtle has to now take place. The proposition of rejoining is going to take another referendum and negotiation which is an arduous if not impossible task and it must be agreed that this is something that Britain as of now must not be looking at. The event is going to in turn cause instability as per a lot of the experts.

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