Experts say coronavirus and Flu comparison is not right


A deadly virus has been spreading all across China as of now however there has been a calming message which has come from a magazine in America. That message as per their tweet on this Thursday has said that the flu is a major threat in United States. This has been a major comparison off late on comparisons between Coronavirus and Flu. There are headlines which have been dominated about the comparisons as there are many cases of Flu which has been growing manifolds further.

The experts have also been critical about this comparison as they have been appealing to end the hypocrisy as it has been about the endemic for the political discourse.

The flu vaccine has been available but not many have been actively getting vaccinated. But the experts feel that the comparison is not fair as it is not right to compare the magnitude of the two diseases.

It is important that both the diseases have been taken into consideration as per the experts and both of them are taken seriously. It is wrong for the media and people to give a degree of seriousness to a disease is not right. It has been termed as what about statistics which do not matter as of now.

The experts feel it is important that the vaccination rate goes up high and it is important that people and the authorities focus on it. But it is also important that coronavirus and its cure has been taken into consideration.

It is time that there is more empathy shown towards both the diseases and also important that people keep focusing on the how things can get better.

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