German court announces in favor of Tesla in the case of environmental protection


On Friday, a court in Germany has announced the decision of allowing the electric car behemoth from United States, Tesla to cut the trees down near Berlin in a forest area for the gigafactory which has killed the appeals of the activists of environment for building the environment.

Two groups from Germany had filed an appeal urgently for the prevention of trees from being taken down at a site at the south eastern side of Berlin.

Court has said that the Environmental office at the state which is part of the Ministry of Climate, Environment and Agriculture was not able to find any grounds for the concerns of the plaintiff over the protection of environment.

This ruling has allowed the companies to begin construction prior to their schedules. Tesla bas been clearing the forest area after Thursday. A group which had sued Tesla had called the company’s cutting down of trees as an important event when it comes to the protection of species and forest cover.

Tesla has plans of constructing a huge factory in this forest and has been planning to start the manufacture of electric vehicles in the area next year onwards.

After an uproar from the groups, the company had ensured that it announced many measures for relocating the wildlife away from the affected areas. As per reports they had promised to relocate the reptiles, ants and bats from this area. They will also take measures for making up on the bird habits.

Successful efforts of relocating would have taken place but for the returning bird population in the month of March to the area. Bats are also going to wake up from hibernation.

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