Bruce Kennedy shares secrets of DF Dent Premier’s growth


D.F. Dent Premier Growth Fund has been returning more than 15% every year in the last 10 years and has managed to gain 42.9 % in the year 2019 and has historically beaten both the Morningstar and S&P 500 average for the large cap funds. The fund has typically close to 30 stocks in their portfolio with a lot of the holdings being the large cap stocks. Close to 10% of these holdings are the small cap stocks, which this fund has defined as the market caps under the level of $3 billion.

The portfolio manager, Bruce Kennedy at the fund since 2007 with experience from other companies too has said that the fund has tried to not focus on the capturing of quick spikes in the coming quarters however it has instead looked for the stocks that have potential for dramatically growing within a time window which is wider.

To be able to take a longer view has been giving the fund the advantage on the other traders as per Kennedy.

Kennedy has said that his former boss had shared with him the terms of a popcorn stock. He said that if the kernel of popcorn is put in the popcorn popper, this kernel may pop in five seconds or in two minutes but they are very confident that if the kernel in this popper is probably going to see 95% of the popcorn pop.

He said that if they look for the stocks which are similar, where they are not sure whether these stocks are going to work in next 3-6 months or may be its going to take three or four years except for seeing a lot of the ingredients in place for winning stocks.

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