Elon Musk Claims Tesla Cars Will Soon Be Ready To Talk To Pedestrians


 Elon Musk has announced an all new feature for his Tesla cars stating that the cars will now be able to talk to pedestrians while being on the road. Elon Musk confirmed the feature by posting a video on Twitter of a Tesla car testing the feature. The video shared by Musk shows a red sedan being driven on the road with a voice that comes from the car saying “don’t just stand there staring, hop in”.

Musk, in his usual comic self, stated that Tesla cars would be able to fart as well in the direction of passers-by. Musk said that the feature could well be included with Tesla’s Sentry Mode, an alarm that starts ringing to alert the owner of a possible break-in. With the car speaking instead of blaring music, robbers will encounter some “epic confusion” according to Musk. While he did speak of the possibilities about the feature, Musk did not map out clearly as to when the feature might actually become a part of Tesla cars. The feature is apparently an attempt from Tesla to accommodate regulatory requirement of adding noise to quiet cars while being driven at low speeds. The talking feature uses external speakers reportedly which Tesla has already been using Model 3 sedans since about an year now.

Talking about Tesla’s rise in recent times, the company’s share values doubled in just the last six months to give the company a market value of around USD 84.5 billion. The stock prices surged after Musk launched the company’s new Gigafactory in Shanghai. Tesla’s market value is now just USD 2 billion short of taking over the market value of Ford and General Motors combined. Musk was present in China for the launch of Tesla-Y in the country.

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