Flu season begins unusually with influenza B at its helm.


The season of Flu has decided to arrive a little earlier than expected in the 2019-2020 season.

The authorities and departments have said that the hospitalizations due to flu had begun in the month of October whereas typically they begin in the month of December.

The signs of sneezing, fever, coughing and also chills have all been pointing one way and that is towards flu. In the month of November the authorities had seen a different kind of flu to what they were usually expecting to see at the time of the year.

Influenza B had been seen in about two-thirds of the patients in the year as per Mark Springer who belongs to the Health District of Spokane.

The Influenza A usually occurs in the beginning of the season of flu an reaches its peak close to the months of December and January.

There are two types of the Influenza that are given through the vaccine, one of them helps the very old or very young and the other one helps the working population that is younger.

As far as influenza B is concerned, the symptoms are more or less similar to that of influenza A, but are usually seen later in the season that is around the months of March or sometimes February. The symptoms are mostly less severe when it comes to the influenza B.

The influenza A is usually the one which causes more amount of deaths as the risk is in the very young and the very old group however this does not mean that the influenza B is not supposed to be taken seriously. The virus can also lead to a lot of casualties.

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