Mongolia seeing respiration issues due to the air pollution


Mongolia seeing respiration issues due to the air pollutionThe rooms in the hospitals in the capital city of Mongolia have all been full. Most of the people who are occupying the beds of the hospitals are the ones who are kids. They are occupied mostly by the children who are now being treated for the problems related to respiration as per the nurses in the hospitals.

The major cause of this is heavy population and this is mainly from the decade long reliance which the country has placed on coal.

The hospitals of Children in areas which are overburdened and the pediatricians which may be treating the symptoms of the problems related to health which have been caused by the air pollution as they are not able to remove causes.

The patients and their parents have been waiting for the fever to ease in their kids. They stay there all day and are in a difficult condition. They have been suffering due to the incidences of pneumonia.

UNICEF had declared the air pollution of Mongolia as a major crisis related to air pollution of Mongolia. There is a report which has stated in the previous 10 years where the incidences of the respiratory diseases in cities have been increasing alarmingly including a major increase in the respiratory infections by 2.7 times per a population of 10,000.

Pneumonia has been a major leading cause for the mortality of kids who are under the age of five years in the country. The children who have been living in the districts which are highly polluted in the city of Ulaanbaatar which had been found to have a lower lung function by 40% than the children who are living in the rural area.

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