Google, FacebookVanished From Listof Top 10 ‘Best Places to Work’


Many technology organizations such as Facebook and Googleby Alphabet have always been the part of world’s most alluring working environments offering numerous advantages and employee benefits. However, these are now losing their shine.

The companies of Silicon Valley recently dropped from the Top 10 “best work environments” in the US. This is as per the Glassdoor’s yearly rankings that were released recently. HubSpot, a cloud-computing S/W organization, snatched the No. 1 position while other tech firms such as Ultimate Software and DocuSign Inc. were on 8thand 3rd position, respectively.

Facebook has been considered 3 times as the “best work place” in the previous 10 years; it was however positioned at 23rd. It is the company’s lowest rank since it originally made to the list in 2011 as the top-of-the-line work environments. Facebook, based in California, ranked seventh a year ago.

Googlein 2015 was consideredas the “best work environment” and it came in at 11th position on Glassdoor’s list. On the other hand, Apple ranked 84th. Amazon, which never has been well-known for a good work culture, was totally opted out from the list.

Microsoft was the only one among the big companies that managed to hop in the rankings. Washington-based S/W company, The Redmond, moved from 34 to No. 21.

This annual list makes the rankings of the companiestaking into consideration benefits, compensation, senior management, culture, and many more. Various large tech organizations, such as Googleand Facebook, are scrutinized for all this in the present year for various issues.And in few scenarios, employees have also opposed decisionsof executive publicly.

Employees at Google have gone against the organization on various topics such as the “intimidation” strategies of the company against worker coordinators.

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