Boeing finds debris in fuel tanks of many undelivered 737 Max jets inspected so far


Boeing which is suffering huge losses due to the grounding of its most commercially successful model has to deal with more problems. According to latest reports from the ongoing inspections there has been debris found in the fuel tanks of the airplanes that are undelivered.

Boeing is trying to desperately prove that its 737 Max 8 models are safe to use but is not being approved by the FAA. All the Boeing 737 Max 8 models have been grounded globally due to the two accidents one early in previous year and another one in 2018 which claimed the lives of 346 people.

A representative of the company was speaking to the media who confirmed it on Friday. The debris has been found in 35 of the airplanes that had been completed but not yet sold to any of the airline companies.

Another person who did not wish to specify himself told that debris has been founded in the fuel tanks of almost 50% of the models.

There are several more planes in Boeing fleet which are yet to be inspected. Boeing told in a statement that it is trying to clear out all the debris that had been found in the fuel tanks. It reassured its customers that such a mistake is completely unacceptable and will not be repeated again when it sells its planes to an airline company.

The debris that had been found in the fuel tanks could compromise the safety of the passengers. Any type of foreign object in the fuel tank can lead to damage of the engines like engine breakdown or engine fire or explosion which could be catastrophic.

 The Boeing 737 Max 8 models were grounded completely in March last year due to the two successive crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia due to the same issues experts say although the final reports have not yet been revealed.

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