Green Light therapy for migraines work for a patient


Ann Jones had made every attempt but for a surgery for the chronic migraines that have been plaguing her since her childhood.

Jones who is 70 years of age has said that the pains have been getting worse as she has been getting older.

Jones said that she used to have close to two dozen migraines in one month.

As the years have gone buy, a few treatments were working in the initial stages however the effects were proving to be temporary. The other medications used to have a lot of side-effects and it became difficult for her to keep them going.

She says that this was debilitating and extremely life-changing and she could either live through them in a labored manner or she just could not live through them.

Her doctor in the year 2018 had mentioned a study which had been taking place at a university in Arizona. The researchers had been testing if the exposure to a light green in color could lead to the migraines being relieved and also help in easing the other kinds of pain.

Jones thought to herself that this was another thing that is not going to work for her and was evidently skeptical.

However she brushed the hesitation aside and decided to enroll in this study anyway.

This started with her spending two hours on an everyday basis in a room that was dark and had only white lights and in the study’s second half she swapped the conventional lights off with the string of green LEDs.

After a few weeks she began noticing a big change in the frequency of migraines. Though the headache did come but the intensity was much less and it can be said that the therapy did work for her.

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