Women more likely to die due to the consumption of alcohol


There is no surprise in the fact that drinking heavily has its consequences and most vulnerable to the consequences are women. Women are most likely to get serious complications due to consumption of alcohol which also include the risks of death from alcohol as per a new study.

The study which had been published recently is looking at the deaths of the Americans who are 16 years or more of age from the year 1999 till 2017. The researchers have been able to find out that there were close to 1 million deaths which were related to alcohol in the time period and the number of deaths per year of the people who were 16 years of age or more had gone up from the number which was 35,914 to as many as 72,558 deaths in a year.

Women are being affected in particular. The researchers have been able to find that the annual increase of the largest deaths occurring due to alcohol have taken place among the white women who are non-Hispanic.

That is a lot more alarming taking into consideration the number of females who are consuming alcohol and also abusing it is on the rise as per the statistics provided by the authorities.

The factor which was most protective for the women had been that it was a little less normal for the women to drink a lot feels Keith Humphreys who is an expert in behavior.

That had been changed in a big way by the large number of women who had been targeted through advertisements and it has worked as women are drinking a lot and dying because of it too.

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