Apple had begun the cracking down of apps which spread coronavirus news


Earlier in the month, Apple had begun cracking down on the apps which are related to the outbreak of coronavirus. It had reportedly rejected the apps from a minimum of the four developers whose apps had been displaying the stats for which the countries had confirmed the case of diseases which had since been labeled as being a pandemic by the WHO. Apple is now making this ban official. In the statement which had been posted on the developer website which it has on Saturday, Apple said that it was going to accept the apps related to coronavirus only from the entities which are recognized like the government organizations and the NGOs which are heath focused, the companies which are deeply credentialed in the health issues and the medical or the educational institutions. The company had said that it had wanted to be ensuring the data sources were reputable.

For helping in getting the apps approved quickly, the company has said that any of the developers who are meeting this criteria may mark their submission as a part of this time sensitive event which is going to expedite the review. The communities all over the world have been depending on the apps as being a credible source of news and helping the users in understanding the latest innovations of health and finding out where they may get help in case it is needed or maybe provide the assistance to their neighbors. Apple had said in their statement that now more than ever their commitment is going to take a major significance as the fight begins against the pandemic of COVID-19 all over the world together.

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