Austin officials cancel the festival as things fall apart for artists


It just took 15 minutes only for coronavirus for wrecking the financial plans of Shelley Hutchings which had been calculated very carefully.

Hutchings who is a bartender along with being a performer had lined the gigs up in advance of the South of Southwest music, film and technology festival that usually draws many hundreds of visitors every years to the Austin. She had made an expectation of earning close to $3,000 which was enough for her to pay her taxes and also earn the new sewing machine which she uses for the tailoring business that she is running.

The cancellations have been rolling in one after the other and her phone has just not stopped ringing as the job which she has been counting on is now gone. As the world faces a spread of the coronavirus, the Austin officials have taken the decision of calling off this festival only as the first attendees start to arrive. Hutchings has said that in only 15 minutes has seen things falling apart. As they watch it all vanish, there is a shock. As many hundreds millions and Hutchings would be approving, the damage has been breathtaking when it comes to the force and speed of the United States economy.

Every hour there are many households who are getting affected because of it and spending money on the sporting events, plane trips, restaurant meals, concerts and the shopping trips for the furniture appliances and these have been coming to a halt.

Only some months ago, the experts had made an expectation of any of the severe economic pain from outbreak for being confined to only Asia and Europe but things have been turning out to be different.


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