Nike this Sunday announces store closure


Nike on this Sunday has announced that it is going to be closing all of the stores in United States as well as the other stores it has in rest of the world due to the fears of Coronavirus. This decision is going to affect the stores of Nike all over the world in the regions like Canada, United States, Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia and this is going to go into effect on this Monday. These stores are going to be shut through to the 27th of March. The company has said in its statement.

Nike issued a memo to its workers where it said that the consumers’ and teammates’ well-being was going to be their biggest priority therefore they have made a decision of closing the stores down because of the ongoing threat of coronavirus and to limit the spread of the disease which has already affected these countries.

They further clarified that the workers are going to still be paid full time in the time off. In the meantime, Nike is going to be keeping its stores in China, Japan, South Korea and a lot of other countries still operational. They said that they are assessing the pandemic and taking action as and when required. The other retailers have made an announcement of the similar closures which include the likes of Warby Parker, Apple, Patagonia, Glossier, Urban Outfitters and also Allbirds that are shutting their stores all over the United States.

Nike all over the United States has 384 stores including their outlets of Converse. The global toll of Coronavirus has crossed the 160,000 mark and the number of deaths are over 6,000

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