Eli Lilly CEO says his company close to the Coronavirus treatment


The CEO of Eli Lilly, David Ricks has on Friday said that his company is aiming to begin the testing of a treatment all over the world for the global spread of coronavirus in a few months. The giant in the field of pharmaceutical had on Thursday made an announcement that it is teaming up with the AbCellera Biologics for co-developing the medicine for Coronavirus which has affected close to 150,000 people all over the world of which 1,700 are in United States till Friday.

The speed with which the research has been going on in the world of pharma for this coronavirus is not something that has been attained before as per ricks. They said that the work had just begun 11 days ago and they have advanced quite a lot and they are hoping that the clinical trials start in the summer. For the beginning of developing a cure, they had screened and isolated the antibodies of the first patients of United States who recovered from this illness. Eli Lilly is assisting in the replication of the antibodies which might be responding to the virus for producing and manufacturing of a drug as per Ricks.

They plan to scale the production up and bring this to the marketplace.

Potentially the treatment for Coronavirus might take a lot more than just a medicine for the patients who are most ill as per Ricks. He is expecting that the drug at the time of it being available will first be administered in the ICU however will be available outside this hospital and acting as a treatment for the risks that the disease brings with it.

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