Amazon performs well in spite of the outbreak


The company which has been performing well despite the coronavirus outbreak is Amazon and this is because of the unique behavior of consumers at the time of the outbreak. The stocks of Amazon had been holding up better than the overall market conditions. There is a simple reason for that and it is the amount of time which the people have been spending online when they have been avoiding crowds and that the online shopping is their biggest source as many items go out of stock in the local supermarkets. The state and the local authorities need the consumers to be staying indoors as much as they can. Amazon has been expanding its size of the e-commerce services for many years and this has led to them getting into the groceries delivery as well. There are other operations which can be taken care from Amazon so the customers have been choosing it as their trusted online retail market.

This company is also a leader in the market for the cloud computing service which is becoming vital increasingly for the support and the expansion of the business operations at the time when anything that is not essential is being left by the consumers.

With people staying indoors too, the play music and the video stream services have been looking very attractive as a lot of people take to it for their entertainment. The stocks had reflected these advantages and they have been holding up really well in comparison to the sharper plunges which the other stocks have been taking all over the markets. Amazon is also a strong stock and it is reliable when it comes to the investors.

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