Siri programmed to help people with Coronavirus


The users of iPhone who had been wondering whether they have the coronavirus can now take the help of Siri. Apple has been updating their voice assistant for providing the users with a questionnaire in case they as the voice assistant if they have the coronavirus.

This update has been made on this Saturday when the users had begun to notice it first. Siri is going to ask its users whether they have been exhibiting the symptoms of diseases like the fever, breath shortage and dry cough. Siri is going to be advising people who say they have major symptoms to maybe consider calling in the 911. In case the users say that their symptoms are not as extreme or as life threatening, Siri has instructed these people to keep to their homes and avoid any contact with anyone else.

Siri has also provided the users with the link to the App Store where they are going to be downloading the telehealth apps and receiving the virtual consultation. The answers come from the Public Health Services of United States which is a division of the health department as well as the CDC as per Apple.

This is a service which is intended for the users in U.S. It hasn’t known if or when these services are going to be expanding at an international scale.

The spokesperson of Apple has not shared any further information regarding the changes. Apple isn’t the only giant who has mobilized the resources for helping the officials for not responding to this global pandemic.

The pandemic has now affected over 300,000 people in the world and the devastation has been both economic and physical.

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