5G mobile networks are not ready for primetime


This year is special in the UK as the 5G telecommunication services were launched in the UK. But it seems as if all is not as expected for the customers who have taken the plunge and signed up for the latest telecom service.

According to many users and experts in the UK 5G is still not the ideal telecom service provider as it might take more time for 5G to become the main service provider for the people.

The new generation of telecom services was launched by EE on 30th May in six cities across the UK. Vodafone was the next telecom service provider to launch its 5G services. The third player to come into the foray was O2 which introduced its 5G services for the people in mid-October.

Telecom service provides Three’s 5G services are yet to be launched but the company has opened up its broadband services in many parts of London.

To use 5G services you need to have a 5G equipped mobile phone or Three’s 5G enabled routers for its broadband network.

5G has the potential to literally change the way we communicate and digitally connecting everything we see around us including our cars, lamp-posts and how to easily find the products in a supermarket. The internet service will be provided at lightning-fast speeds.

But it looks like to avail all the services of 5G we need to be living in much more smarter cities than we currently are. For data to be flowing seamlessly and connecting all the things around us need to be more ‘smarter’ and the devices also have to be upgraded so as to be able to use the 5G services.

As of now the only USP for the latest generation of telecom service is that its high speed and low congestion.

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