2019 has been a great year for the researchers of Alzheimer’s


In the year which has just gone by, the researchers of Alzheimer’s, the families of the patients as well as the stakeholders welcomed new hope that the treatments may not be too far away. The stories and theories like the Lazarus Story of the aducanumab which have come out though might not be sufficient for the approval of FDA in the year as the Phase 3 program form its data has put a stamp on the broader signals across the four varieties of antibodies which can be removed from brain and they brain and it might well be benefiting cognition and the functionality may be given at enough dosage at an early age. The prospects that amyloid hypothesis is alone druggable had been enough for making the field re-energized. The hopes that the further trials to define best patient groups and doses as well as treatment regimes are going to pay off ultimately had been the causes of further more enthusiasm.

A funding boost had been announced as the congress of United States had been headed for the break of holidays and also gave the cause for celebrating going into the year 2020. Though the picture of funding isn’t that rosy in the rest of the countries. The budget for the AD research is now standing at a level of $2.8 billion which is an increase of over $350 million in the year 2019.

In case the trends of 2019 are continuing, they are expecting to see the learning which have been brought for bearing on a lot more data sets for the metabolomics, proteomics, genomics as well as the epidemiology and the health economics which are in question for the research Alzheimer’s research.

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