Stormquakes Could Possibly Be More Dangerous Than Thought


The researchers have recently found two catastrophic events to take place that too in a mash-up pattern. The event has been named stormquakes by the researchers. The seafloor is found to shake at the time of the hurricanes and nor’easters followed by a 3.5 magnitude earthquake that can last for a couple of days. The quakes have become a common event now, but earlier, they were left unnoticed as they were considered to be seismic background noise. The oddity in case of stormquake is found to be dreadful as the combination of both hurricane and the shaking of the seafloor can cause a lot of loss in terms of lives and property.

The stormquakes are too dangerous to handle and it is something that nobody had ever thought of. The storms are found to cause an eruption of giant waves in the sea and they are called secondary waves. These waves are found to interact with the seafloor in certain places and cause massive tremors. The seismologists generally do not look for waves during earthquakes and the US Geological Survey instruments are found to spot ocean-generated seismic waves, but the waves during the quakes are considered as background noise. The regions with large continental shelf and shallow flat land are predicted to fall prey to this event. It was between September 2006 and February 2015 that the team found 14,077 stormquakes in the Gulf of Mexico and off Florida, British Columbia, New England, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Labrador. For detecting such disasters, there is a need for specialized military sensors. A lot of stormquakes could also be spotted during Hurricane Ike in 2008 and Hurricane Irene in 2011.

Similarly, looking at the increasing earthquakes in the various parts of California, the state has decided to have a new technology made to help detect earthquakes. The Earthquake Early Warning System will be introduced online for the public in every corner of the state. The ShakeAlert system is believed to help predict the quakes and also use the MyShake app or Wireless Emergency Alerts to circulate messages on their phones. It is believed to help people save time before the quakes hit their location.

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