Carlos Ghosn appears publicly for the first time since fleeing Japan.


The former chairman of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn appeared publicly for the first time after he had fled Japan and has accused the prosecutors of the country this Wednesday of trying to force out a flawed confession.

In the news which had been broadcast all over the world from Beirut where he has been taking refuge, Ghosn has said that while he had been under the arrest, he had been questioned for about eight hours every day without being given an access to the lawyers and had been told that his family is going to suffer in case he decides to not confess.

The 65-year-old Carlos Ghosn has said that he was told to confess on the assurance that it is all going to be over after that or else the ones questioning will be going after the family of the ex-chairman.

Without any elaboration, Ghosn had further said that the prosecutors of Japan had been leaking false information into the media and also concealing evidences which would have helped the case of Ghosn. There was no response which had been made immediately by the prosecutors in Japan.

He had been arrested in the month of November in the year 2018 and charged with the underreporting of salary and using the money of Nissan for his private investments and also for the employment of his sister as a consultant who was paid highly. He has denied committing any kind of wrongdoing.

On the 29th of December, he managed to escape the house arrest he was in and had stealthily fly away eventually to Lebanon where is a citizen.

He said that he was looking forward to this conference after being taken away from his associates and community.

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